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Scaler kit

model K2


K2 Module


The scaler kit is used to be built in dental machinary. Both power and water are supplied by dental machinary. Machinary's footpedal control the scaler working or not, in the same way as high speed handpiece.

More and more doctors like built-in scaler.

Ultrasonic scaler is mainly used to remove dental calculi, tobacco stains, bacterial specks and tea stains. Therefore, ultrasonic scaler is a kind of indispensable device to prevention and treatment of dental diseases.


  1. The tips are made of Alloy ,it is hard and durable.
  2. The transducer inside the handpiece is made of Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability.
  3. The handpiece cord is soft and tough.
  4. the circuit is well designed and controlled by micro-computer.the electronic components are reliable.
  5. Ingenious structure.It is a nice match for dental machinery .
  6. It is easy to install,so that it is not necessary for a installer to be trained beforehand.
  7. Screw terminal for fastening wires.It is convenient to install.Normally,a screw driver and a forceps are enough to work, Maybe a boring machine and a roll of insulating tape are also needed. The iron is unuseful ,other tools that might be used traditionally are also unuseful in the whole installation procedure.
  8. Heat dissipation is a little,
  9. Long lifespan,
  10. Baiyu Built-in scaler have some advantages over the others.

Technical specifications

1. Power source: 24VAC ±20%
2. power consume: less than 30VA
3. Frequency: 28-34KHz
4. Water flow: 5-100ml/min
5. Water pressure: less than 0.3Mpa

Working envirment

1. Temperature: 10-40℃
2. Humidity: less than 70%.

Default contents in a kit package (Click the item to surf further)

  1. PCB module--------------1 pcs
  2. Hand piece cord---------1 pcs
  3. Hand piece--------------1 pcs
  4. tips--------------------5 pcs
  5. Wrench------------------1 pcs
  6. Power regulator---------1 pcs
  7. Manual------------------1 pcs
  8. Certification-----------1 pcs
  9. Box---------------------1 pcs

Option auxiliaries for built-in scaler

1.Solenoid valve

2.Spray regulator

3.Pneumatic switch

4.Indicating light

5.Transformer(110V to 25V)

6.Transformer(220V to 25V)

7.Water pipeline


Terminal functions

Terminal Function


Baiyu Hookup

reality of K2


Gross weight



Length 22 cm.

Width 14.2 cm.

Height 6 cm.

Volume 1874.4 cube cm.



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